sup? stand up paddleboarding is what’s up!

As I mentioned – and if you follow me in Instagram you were floated with impressions – I spent my birthday weekend this year with my beautiful friend Jasmina at the island of Mallorca/ Spain.

5 days with one of my best friends flew by so quickly and even though we had tons of time to catch up on life, men and future plans, we also tried a lot of different activities.

For my birthday, Jasmina paid the both of us a tribute to celebrating my 23rd in Miami six years ago and we were able to go on a jetski tour, just like we did it in summer 2009 at star island. How cool is that?

With Mallorca and especially the lovely area of Santanyi offering numerous possibilities to be active, Jas also introduced me to a sport I have heard of, but never tried – even though you can also do it on our amazing Bavarian lakes.


I’ve seen celebrities doing it when in Hawaii (where it was founded in 1960) or Mexico, I heard about a surf school in Tutzing offering moodlight paddling excursions and I thought it would be like kayaking but standing up.

Man was is wrong. And man was it fun.

I have to admit, we picked a day with heavier currents than recommended for a raw recruit like me, but somehow after an hour of “paddling” on my knees or elegantly falling into the Mediterranian I suddenly got it and sped over the water – at least in my mind, but I got positive feedback and encourgament. And I felt it afterwards: my arms, my core, my booty.

So what is SUP-ing actually beneficial for

  • Sculpts a strong core – 100% agreed, you have to flex your core permanently to keep the balance
  • Meditative benefits – I can only say at one point I was counting like a galey slave when to put the paddle in and out of the water. Some might call it meditating. Or survival.
  • Builts strength – no brainer with the balancing and holding up to waves and water resitance
  • Great cardio workout – yes sir. But is does not seem like it as time flies by.

I really loved both the cardio and toning benefits from our 90 minute paddle and knowing I can also practice it here in Bavaria makes me determined to drive out to lake Starnberg next chance I get.

Will let you know how it goes – but definitely a workout I recommend for the pure fun of it.

Next try: SUP Yoga at Nordbad Tutzing

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