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Traditionally in Bavaria, Santa Claus does not drop by on Christmas Day – he makes an earlier appearance on Dec 5 or 6 to visit all children to find out if they have been good within the course of the year.If you were, he would give you a bag filled with nuts, clementines and of course some treats, like chocolates or a little present.

Who knows what I did right in 2015, but I got treated with a package right in time too – not by Nikolaus himself, but the lovely peeps at eat performance in Berlin – and they treated me well.

So I have taken the time (which was not very hard) to munch through the holiday collection of eat performance’s selection and want to share my verdict with you today.

Who are those guys from eat performance though?

A Berlin-grown food start up concept, consisting of a young & dynamic team of fit and healthy individuals. Their business concept is actually genious in my mind: both locals in Berlin as well as paleo friends all over the place can benefit from their philosophy “We want to raise  awareness of healthy eating. Our goal is to provide you quality and nutritious food” – either in the paleo bistros in Germany’s capital or via ordering products in the online store. All their products are handmade with love. Their target group runs from the health conscious to the fitness community – products especially made and their branding positioned to meet these folks needs make them increasingly popular in Germany and in Europe (as they ship EU wide at the moment).

And as I said, I am delighted and can not wait to visit eat performance in Berlin as well. For now I was happy to tuck in and taste-test my way through their starter box selection and an on-top treat they snug in – keep scrolling.

So let’s just dive right in, I bet you are eager to know what the box was filled me – I felt the same excitement when I ripped up a package, which as filled with (apparently) paleo-approved goods.

unboxing paleo style
unboxing paleo style

Disclaimer: through my recent travelling activities, I came across a number of paleo approved snacks, which actually state it on the packaging as well. Specifically paleo approved food is not really something, which is fully embraced in Germany yet – gluten-free choices are slowly becoming the norm, but in terms of 100% grain-free, preservative-free, starch-free and added-sugar-free snacks are still extremely rare.  Many thanks to companies like eat performance to quick starting to educate us and provide the German market with these delicacies as well now. Welcome to 2015.

But back to the goodies in my starter box making its way to Munich from Berlin – and my verdict.


the eat performance starter box shows you that eating 100% grain-free and avoiding added sugar doesn’t mean depriving and waving goodbye to anything sweet, crispy and what we usually regard as a treat.

eat performance starter box

eat performance starter box

eat performance power bars

eat performance power bars

eat performance paleo cookie

eat performance paleo cookie

eat performance paleo chocolate cereal

eat performance paleo chocolate cereal

In my opinion, the starter pack gives you the perfect amount of snack sized goodies to get convinced that eating grain-free can be amazing and there are options out there to take on the go.

The power bars for example, became this weeks mid-day snack at the office, all three bars were very satisfying and make me push through the afternoons without even having to think about were and what to get to not worry about the ingredients. I am usually not the biggest fan of dates, which sweeten all of them three bars but I simply enjoyed the chewy snacks and was reminded of usual muesli-bars. my favourite: the nutcracker with healthy fats, nuts of course and chocolate.

Cookies is something I never really miss on my lchf-paleo diet, but when I tried the Vanillatraum eat cookie from eat performance I knew I am kidding myself when I make a statement like this. Vanilla-y and soon delicious, perfect treat with my coffee: YUM. Sweetness with maple syrup they have the perfect amount of sweetness, the vanilla powder, dates and dried raspberries do the rest and the cookie was gone quicker than I thought.

Experimenting with making my own yoghurt at the moment, eat performance‘s paleo chocolate muesli was the perfect topping for me as – yes, I admit it – the crunch of a proper muesli is something I love and which I recreate with versions of paleo granola a lot. But this one takes it up one more level, I could taste all the ingredients: cashews, walnuts, almonds, haselnut – all combined with chia seeds, sunflower seeds and sweetened with honey and vanilla. And the best: the chocolate taste is amazingly pure and comes from raw cacao: THANK YOU. 

Now moving on to the star of the pack – a treat I believe is not included in the normal starter box, but it is part of the Christmas selection on eat-performance.com – go go go get it before it’s not available anymore. As mentioned my guilty pleasure, now even more as they are available paleo approved and conveniently online.

eat Coco Macaroons 

Paleo christmas at it’s best. eat performance is happy to present to you our healthy and tasty treats for the most festive time of the year. Their amazing Coco Macaroons are the perfect alternative to the regular christmas sugar overload. They’re super delicious and shouldn’t be missed on any christmas plate. Enjoy without regret. Paleo Hohoho.

paleo ingredients: coco rasps, egg white, vanilla, honey – all 100% organic

My personal verdict:

  • shipping size: 100g / 5 macaroons
  • price: 5€ (shipping not included)
  • shelf life: 14 days (hahaha as if …)
  • macros: not stated, but the ingredients are clean, perfectly paleo and could be a proper 40/30/30 (F/P/C) ratio
  • taste: mind-blowing to me, super balanced vanilla and coconut taste – one ball is perfectly portioned and satisfying.
  • consitency: nice and chewy, like a proper christmas macaroon should be

eat performance might run them with their Christmas motto “paleo hohoho” and I would say “paleo GO GO GO”.


All the above convince me to recommend eat performance’s goodies from their online shop – either ordered singular or with their smart box concept (e.g. their chocaholic or crossfit box) – I am dying to come visit them in Berlin to check out one (or all) of their bistros, serving home-made, paleo improved dishes.

If you are traveling to or even living in Berlin, let them help you make your caveman/ cave girl life much easier – I wish they would be in Munich – but then again I never mind traveling to the capital, do I?

Please give those guys a try – I am a picky eater and I enjoyed the starter box and the extra goodie without leaving a crumb. 

 〰〰 eat performance – company details 〰〰

eat performance GmbH – Ritterstraße 26 – 10969 Berlin – Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 30 – 443 26 400 – Fax: +49 (0) 30 – 443 26 409

E-mail info@eat-performance.com – Homepage: eat-performance.com

Instagram: @eatperformance


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