protein-packed breakfast – why and how to enjoy it

Being the breakfast queen I am today, I can not get enough of foods originally meant for a healthy start – for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And looking around the world, this “brunch” or “brinner” attitude is not only one of my personal quirks, but loved by almost everyone – I mean, come on. Who has not enjoyed a bowl of cereal watching your favourite series at night?


And this has been one of my problems for years, as after years and years of not having breakfast at all, my choices have been typically German and consisted of the following:

  • cornflakes and muesli
  • bread rolls with nutella or yam
  • superfood trends like oatmeal
  • fruit salad

And what does this all come down to? carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs.

But somehow I figured that my body type actually fares well better with less carbs, but more protein in the early mornings – and whilst most of us can only think about bacon and eggs now, it can be quite easy to go low-carb in the early mornings.


Why should I go high protein in the AM though?

The satiety most people experience from a high protein breakfast is likely to have something to do with ghrelin, the appetite hormone that stimulates hunger. A second study in the AJCN, analyzed the effect of a high protein breakfast (58.1 percent) versus a high carbohydrate breakfast (19.3 percent) on our bodies’ ghrelin production in 15 healthy adults. It found that after the meal the high protein breakfast decreased ghrelin secretion more than the high carbohydrate breakfast. Furthermore, a low carb morning meal reduced gastric emptying which may result in feeling fuller longer.

My friend Jasmina called me “cornflakes-girl” once – and 5 years ago I would have never thought it would be easy to start my days more savoury than sweet.


These are a few ways to transition easily to a high protein breakfast, which helped me to switch without any effort though.


A couple of them a day are actually okay for most healthy people, as long you keep other sources of cholesterol in check. Bulk up the protein and the serving size by adding in some egg whites.


Replace your usual grain-based complex carbs like toast and bagels with sautéed spinach, roasted cauliflower or stir-fried peppers and onions. They make the perfect partner for eggs or beans, and raw leafy greens can be blended into smoothies – 5 a day will not be an issue anymore.


Sure, if you do not have time or prefer a liquid start, keep the smoothie, but decrease the fruit and any kind of sweeteners. Add nut butter, low-fat cottage cheese, almond meal or peanut flour to increase the protein in your morning starts.


Eat dinner for breakfast. Forget what has been engrained in your head about what breakfast should be. Lean meats like fish or chicken are just as good when eaten in the morning. Serve them up in an omelet or with a side of vegetables.

Check out my breakfast selection – I currently love my low-carb avocado & egg toast, cauliflower milk “rice” or a sweet berry omelette – just to show you the wide variety of recipes available.


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