the busy girl’s paleo shopping cart

Well, you know the deal – January 1 each year, we set goals in the love, fitness or “getting-your-life-together” department and somehow two weeks in we are back at our daily lives and if we are lucky we manage to only keep up with at least one category. 

I figured that – working a full time job which fluctuates between crazy hours and long weekend and business trips to out-of-town workshops, the easiest thing to keep these love-fitness-balance thing together though is organization of your fridge – or at least shopping cart. 

For a couple of weeks now I assembled a few staples which I will always go for when food shopping to make myself not running through a stumper market for hours as I almost automatically grab the following to have nutritious and healthy choices to use in my kitchen. 

and this will also clear up with that myth that paleo only means “meat meat meat”. plus as I said it pays into the following

LOVE: ’cause everyone loves anyone who can eat

FITNESS: no desperation-bites on the go, because you have great food at home to use

LIFE: ’cause you will be full of energy, however misbalanced everything else might feel

I’m following a simple color scheme with my carbs – the greener the leaner, white is neutral and the reds are the sweet treats.



i always grab a pack to baby romaine, as its my favorite salad to use for lean wraps or to bulk up lunch salads – the crunch is unbelievable and any other salad can’t compete.

lately I’ve thrown in a cabbage variation available in Germany called “kohlrabi” – another amazing crunch food I often snack on at work with almond butter.

and avocado? Is there anything better than opening up a perfectly ripe avocado? No. And no words needed, I’ll just add one thing: everyday is avocado day!


mushrooms are a part of all my warm dishes, I’m a bit liver of the nutritional value and I love to bulk up meat dishes with this low caloric, hydrating vegetable. The brown chestnut version adds a nice earthy taste, I shop seasonally here and go for which one is available.


as a lowcarber for 75% of my time – or ok days where I can’t workout – I substituted a lot of dishes with cauliflower – you puréed, roasted, riced or as my favorite tortilla wrap – I must be the most frequent buyer of whole cauliflower heads in my neighborhood. 

red & orange & yellow

when I’m shredding I go as ketogenic as possible but as I work out a lot I need healthy carbs and sugars, which come from colorful veggies like bell pepper, carrots, beets and yes plantains. I throw in the occasional patacones to refuel and enjoy the friendly reminder to recent trips to the carribean. Other than that I’m just a crunch sucker and love raw veg.

and when it’s time for fresh fruit, locally grown berries is where it’s at.


but yet we miss some protein …

of course the workout-paleo-combo can’t live without protein and my go-2 staples are shredded chicken, which I love to prep and use during the week with my veggies. If you run out of your chicken supply – or you are a veggie, eggs have become my vice within the past year and add both healthy fats and protein onto my plate – sometimes multiple times a day.

now check out what I added to my cart this weekend on instagram – and feel free to copy and kick off to the coming week clean and according to your resolutions. Because I feel that good food chips in with all of my those: love, fitness, life. 

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