hold the bun please – eating out as a paleo

Eating in is supposely the new eating out – with restaurnt food prices on the rise and cookbooks being on an all-time high in sales, not only for budger reasons and social engagement more and more of us are steering away from eating in restautants towards home cooked meals to share with friends and family. And I LOVE that.

Being an advid home cook myself (checkout @doriloveslife on Instagram for regular, almost daily insights in my kitchen), I am still a twenty-something professional facing a night out in a restaurant at least once a week as well – might it be a business dinner, an afterwork bite with friends or a rather lazy/ convinient snack between appointments.

And with Munich and many other major cities swamped almost on a weekly basis with new vegan, vegatrian, asia-fusion or raw restaurants, why is there only one true paleo restaurant in Germany? It’s the Sauvage in Berlin, I have yet to go to.

Also on the lowcarb front, the health and fitness concious grain and sugar avoider (like me) has to mix-and-match main dishes with the (hopefully) available grain/starch-free sides, except in Nürnberg at the SoulFood LowCarberia

Is it because we paleos seems like a mix-and-match folk? Are we more adapatable than any veggie or vegan?

Luckily I travel quite a lot and I am keen to test-drive any restaurant I get the chance to and let you know if one is particularly paleo-approved.

Can’t wait.

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