bake low-carb: vanilla pancake bites

Good morning fitfam.

And good morning means breakfast, which I stupidly used to skip for year – I think at first I did not have time or was simply too lazy and later it became a habbit and I simply as not hungry anymore. A latte macchiato with sugar and cacao kept me going until lunch time.

It was actually one year ago whilst doing our trans alp hike from Bavaria to Northern Italy, that I had regular breakfast again and ever since I have been on the breakfast train – actually a speed train when it comes to hearty choices.

I especially can feel a big difference in energy when have a warm breakfast, like porridge, an omlette or a spicy shakshuka.

BUT what about fasted (cardio) workouts? For me it actually works very well, as I even pushed through a 90 min class of bikram yoga at 7am on an empty stomach last week and I survived. And felt energised and hungry. And ready to refuel.

So since breakfast mainly includes starchy carbs as in bread and cereal, when I found out about my gluten sensitivity, I had to look for altenatives and that’s how many many egg dishes have found their way back onto my menue. But also a variety of veggie dishes can be a great kick start into your day and go well with your coffee (skim cappucchino without sugar for me now, best enjoyed with my friends Fanny and Steffi every morning). image

So today I was in the mood to have a sweetier twist to my usual savory breakfast choices and I got inspired by another amazing fitness/food blogger @julius_fitbodypancakes and looking at this guys’ instagram feed gave me peace of mind that I could rely on a serious low carb recipe: his basic pancake recipe (amonst many many more at his blog Taste for Training).

No-carb Vanilla Cottage Cheese Pancake Bites

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Macros: 1g carbs | 6g fat | 19g protein || 149 cal per serving


  • 1 egg
  • 1 eggwhite
  • 60g of low-fat cottage cheese (full fat optional)
  • 1 tbsp physillium husk powder
  • vanilla extract
  • sweetner of choice (optional)

Whip up all your ingredients in a blender or a bowl and let sit for 3-4 minutes to give the husk the time to solidify.

Either fry in small batches in hot pan with coconut oil until golden brown.

As you can see I tried the panekokken version of the base today, as I actually ran out of coconut oil to fry them in. I got this muffin maker a year ago and now use it mainly for making egg muffin cups or these pancake bites today and it worked beautifully. Without extra fat, even tho I do not mind the benefits from coconut oil.

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