eggs-plorations – the international fit edition

Got it? EGGS-plorations!! Or shall I be more blunt and create a new personality and call myself Dora – The EGGS-plorer for the next couple of weeks, cause that’s my mission. 


The background: yesterday afternoon I watched an episode of Alfons Schuhbecks Bayrische Kochschule aka our most famous Bavarian chef’s bavarian cooking school TV show with my parents and sister and we were a bit surprised that he managed to fill a 30 minute show explaining some basic egg variations, e.g. a sunny side up, scrambled and poached egg dish. 

Besides this simplicity and the fact that I already put up a blog post on the benefits of #eggseverday, I want to take one of my favourite and fool-proof breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack foods to another level and go international.

The mission: travelling quite a bit – and with a special trip coming up soon – I had eggs all over the place within the last year, as it’s in my opinion the most internationally available and safe paleo ingredients: from Beijing to Cuba, from Spain to Melbourne and even in the Panamanian jungle in Bouquete: eggs all the way, especially for breakfast. but what original dishes are out there in the world? what does an italian do with eggs? and how does a colombian like them for which meal of the day? and which country inspires which egg-y recipe of mine?


The material: chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs? this is not a mission for vegans, but I live a paleo lifestyle and eggs in any kind of form are fine for me – I will stay away from things like Balut from Vietnam and the Philippines – please read up on it yourself when you are interested, but for me food is about enjoying it and that does not involve every egg variation. 

The outcome: I want to put my pre-easter excitement to good use and dedicate a couple of blog posts and recipes within the next weeks to international egg dishes and cooking methods, which will both spark out wanderlust, taste buds and help us on a journey to get fit and in shape for spring and summer.

The interaction: help me out if you have a special – paleo-friendly egg dish in your country, you want me to try or feature. THANK YOU!


In the meantime, feel free to roam through my staple egg recipes – already taste-tested and approved 🍳

Avocado & Egg Toast 〰 Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice 〰 Egg-y Breakfast Stew 

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