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get creative: writing is voicing your emotions through words

In other words …

I can shake off everything through writing, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn – Anne Frank.

Somehow, I have a quite vivid memory  my childhood – I know some people can hardly remember anything but I can recall certain events in very specific detail – sometimes it is only a flashback of a moment like my Ibiza vacation when I was about a year old and sometimes even dreams or thoughts and feelings from my first days of school.

But one of my most real memories are all about my love of reading and writing and I specifically remember the day, when I finialized the last section of a “book” series I wrote when I was in primary school – a three part story about a young girl being a ballarina, mainly inspired through my favorite TV series “Anna”.

I would do an handicraft booklet with normal writing paper and then write and draw as long until all the pages were filled with little stories and illustrations to demonstrate the story and how I wanted the ballerina to appear. My next “to do” for a visit at my parents’ place is definitely looking for the booklets to read through them again.

But it was exactly during that period of time where my initial carrer aspiration of becoming a writer or a journalist was born and I honestly persued this plan until I graduated high school – my love for writing just never stopped and grew even more through writing classes in school and choosing “German literature and writing” as one of my A-level main subjects. And while many of my fellow students struggled with writing essays for tests, I never saw a challenge of filling my 20-25 pages within two hours in class – and up until today, I just write. And write and write. And do not think.

But then life happened and I stopped writing – triggered by a new found love for marketing and advertising during the last years of school, I went on to study business and now work as a marketing specialist for an international cooperation – which sounds creative enough to be satisfied (and sometimes is), but will never truely represent my personal style of writing and yes, expressing feelings. Which does not mean I do not appreciate what I am learning everyday at work though.

Sometimes you just get too busy in life to take the time, refocus and ask yourself where you are coming from. And for me that always meant being creative through words. Now both in German and English – both languages are beautiful to express and work with, so why not do it both ways.

And somehow – accidently –  I stumbled across the topic of blogging again and found extreme pleasure in first writing to accompany my instagram pictures and also with and some more advanced writing again.

Fast forward two months now – crazy things happened to me, I joined textbrokers as a freelance writer and it turned out to be both a hobby and a success, even with an almost 10 year break from creative writing in German. There might even be a book project and some writing cooperations coming up and I am curious where it could lead me.

Maybe sometimes you just need a break from a passion to figure out that some things go around and come around.

So thank you so much to everyone supporting me on my back into writing, I can not wait to get this journey started and also encourage some others to persue their original dreams, may it be working with children – acting or painting – or simply flying. Just do your pilot license then …

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