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Travel far enough – you’ll meet yourself | David Michell

and yes, my upcoming (and long awaited) trip to the Caribbean has a purpose: to relax, to unwind, to clear my head by exploring an unknown destination and get to know new cultures and above all people.

my friend Eva said good bye last night with an amazing advice “Doris – let anything happen” – so I will stick to this one and more. But what I do not want to do is slacking on being on a real food/ paleo route, even if those might lead through Cuba and Panama now for the next weeks.

a vacation should definitely be all about joy and relaxation, but not about letting go completely – especially as you might have worked on your beach body for months and don’t want to see these efforts diminish within a couple of days, right?

So here you go with some easily incorporable tweaks on how I’m going to go for the upcoming trip to stay lean, clean and happy

  • Start moving: I’m going to be on a 10+ hour flight, so I’m going to use my layover in Madrid to shake out my legs and get some movment in. And even on the plane I like to get up once in a while and walk around a big – at least every two hours. Some airlines offer exercise guidance on how to stretch and move a bit during long haul flights, e.g. my old employer Lufthansa gas great tips – plus they help the time pass quicker.
  • stay hydrated: some of you might happily go for that tomato juice or some wine on the plane to relax your nerves, but I am going to stick with still water on the plane – and lots of it. Plane air will dehydrate you quicker, which not only upsets your circulation and metabolism but makes you get this adorably pretty plane face (noooot!) – make sure to gulp at least 2l of water whilst in the air.
  • do not trash your routine: if you normally stay away from sugar and starch – don’t use the lack of voices for falling off your routine once you are on the go. I’m going to bring some nuts and quest bars for snacking on the plane, I also requested a gluten free meal for the long haul trip: mainly you get served chicken and vegetables so I’ll be good on my way to Havana.
  • eat local: my mom has told me about the delicious mangos she basically lived off in Cuba 30 years ago whilst vacationing there with my dad: I can’t wait to try them 💛 other than that I’m looking forward to sea food, plantains and coconut – and more real food delicacies I don’t even know yet, processed food won’t stand a chance.
  • do morning yoga: I’m an early bird and I will try and get some yoga in every other day in the morning before meeting my friends relaxed and motivated for breakfast. Plus I’m so looking forward to being in the beach in the morning and just to enjoy.
  • relax: stretching out in the sun is my only game plan – and to let anything happen. so I’m excited, I’m nervous. but I’m ready. Let’s go! Let’s make memories.

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